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Let's Encrypt SSL will no longer support Android OS prior 7.1

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  • Let's Encrypt SSL will no longer support Android OS prior 7.1

    Android has a long-standing and well known issue with operating system updates. There are lots of Android devices in the world running out-of-date operating systems. The causes are complex and hard to fix: for each phone, the core Android operating system is commonly modified by both the manufacturer and a mobile carrier before an end-user receives it. When there’s an update to Android, both the manufacturer and the mobile carrier have to incorporate those changes into their customized version before sending it out. Often manufacturers decide that’s not worth the effort. The result is bad for the people who buy these devices: many are stuck on operating systems that are years out of date.

    If You Are a Site Owner

    As of January 11, 2021, we’re planning to make a change to our API so that ACME clients will, by default, serve a certificate chain that leads to ISRG Root X1. However, it will also be possible to serve an alternate certificate chain for the same certificate that leads to DST Root X3 and offers broader compatibility. This is implemented via the ACME “alternate” link relation. This is supported by Certbot from version 1.6.0 onwards. If you use a different ACME client, please check your client’s documentation to see if the “alternate” link relation is supported.

    There will be site owners that receive complaints from users and we are empathetic to that being not ideal. We’re working hard to alert site owners so you can plan and prepare. We encourage site owners to deploy a temporary fix (switching to the alternate certificate chain) to keep your site working while you evaluate what you need for a long-term solution: whether you need to run a banner asking your Android users on older OSes to install Firefox, stop supporting older Android versions, drop back to HTTP for older Android versions, or switch to a CA that is installed on those older versions.