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Any alternative for cPanel?

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  • Any alternative for cPanel?

    I just want to know that it is any other alternative web hosting control panel can replace cPanel? Right now the panel's price is rising.

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    You can give a look at DirectAdmin and Plesk.


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      Free cPanel Alternatives

      1 VestaCP

      Vesta Control Panel is anopen source web hosting control panel with premium features, minimalistic, safeand light.VestaCPmakes our list as it is a fine-looking, quite simple and very effective controlpanel for your Centos, Debain and Ubuntu Servers. It is capable of handlinghigh traffic websites just as efficiently as cPanel, while it also installsNginx out of the box so you can set up different modes of your webpage,including caching and hosting. VestaCP updates automatically and offers DNSManager, Antivirus, AntiSpam and WHMCS Billing Support, as well.


      Froxlor is a server administration software for yourneeds. With Froxlor you get a quite user-friendly interface via whichyou are free to modify and distribute the software as you see fit. However,there is one catch – you will have to make your changes available to theoriginal source. Commercial use is also possible, as long as you disclose thatyour product uses Froxlor. This popular cPanel alternative allows 3 types ofusers: administrators, resellers and customers; it doesn’t include afile manager, but it does let you create an FTP account very easily.

      3. ISPConfig 3

      ISPConfig 3 is an open source hosting control panel forLinux. ISPconfig 3 is capable of managing multiple servers from one control. Quite possibly the most versatile freecontrol panel on our list, ISPConfig 3has pretty much every feature you willever need from an open source Linux hosting control panel, as it offers 4 userlevels: Admin, Control Panel User, Reseller and Client. Everything one needs,basically.

      Admin Level lets you configurethe server and administer all users, while Control Panel Users Level lets theuser access only what the administrator specifies. This means that one canallow access ONLY to the file manager or to administer mailboxes. ResellersLevel allows resellers to resell a set amount of resources that is allocated tothem by the admin, however, resellers can later make their own packages andresell them. Client Level includes usable resources assigned by the reseller,but the clients do have the authority to use everything allowed by theadministrator and it is completely customizable.

      4. ZPanel

      ZPanel is a simple and easy touse web hosting control panel written to work effortlessly with MicrosoftWindows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX) based servers or computers. ZPanelis able to turn a home or professional server into a versatile, fully fledgedand user-friendly web hosting server which provides practically all thefeatures one would expect to find in an excellent cPanel alternative. ZPanelhas a file manager, ftp account administration, MySQL database and useradministration, a DNS/domain manager, and webmail (RoundCube), while it is alsopacked with other useful features ideal for personal websites.

      Hope this helps