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Need a review of imunify 360

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  • Need a review of imunify 360

    I am running two VPS. Currently installed Malware is Maldet.

    I am interested in purchasing Imunify 360 as security is main concern for me. Do anyone know about it.

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    Imunify 360 is great security product and has less False positive. I suggest you to go for it.

    Imunify 360 provides:

    1. Advanced firewall
    2. Intrusion Detection and Protection System
    3. Malware Scanning
    4. Patch Management
    5. Website Reputation Monitoring
    6. Web Applications Sandboxing (coming soon)


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      THE REVIEW: What happened over five days

      Day One:

      1). We had to uninstall our old vendor and that caused a few bumps. In fact, we had to open a ticket with CL to help and three internal tickets to get it uninstalled properly. We were down for just under 2 hours due to this. It was not a CL or i360 issue, though. We have had similar bumps before of this sort with that old vendor.

      2). We had to do a open/closed port analysis (as our old vendor hijacked these rules and we lost those settings--reverting back to either our old hardened settings or possibly a i360 default?). We opened a ticket with CL to inquire about the ports we proposed to close and leave open. They quickly weighed in and pointed out that i360 needs port 52225 open for outbound only and we could safely close it for incoming.

      3). We easily installed Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo by going to WHM->ModSecurity™ Vendors->Vendor Configuration URL and pasting in: "". We then clicked on WHM->ModSecurity™ Vendors "Rules List" button and edited some of the old, custom rules we had in place prior to using our prior vendor.

      4). We did a click-through test on every domain on the server. We did this by rotating through 12 different IP addresses of varying, known reputation. It seemed that the Captcha was properly greylisting. We got no false positives.

      5). We cancelled our KernelCare license, and ran into a small snag. CL support responded within minutes (normal, excellent response) and we worked through it. Not likely to be something experienced by others.

      6). We notified several key clients to alert them as to the new firewall and asked them to keep an eye open (we had already declared a maintenance window). We went through the support tickets we raised with our old vender (when we first installed that product and up until last December) and did our best to recreate the conditions that caused those folks to have blockages. We could not find a single false positive. With either Imunify360 or the Comodo free ruleset.

      7). We re-implemented our root-login schema that had been altered by our prior vendor.

      Days Two, Three, Four and Today:

      1). No complaints or issues raised by clients. What? Not a single one! This is unheard of. It makes us a bit frightened. Do we actually have security in place? After all, one of the tail tail signs used to be that good stuff was getting blocked--it's working!

      2). We continued to pour through the logs and see if we can prove we are being protected (bad stuff is being blocked and not good stuff).


      We are going to do a test between our old rules vendor and Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo. We are going to evaluate and consider testing whether we want to also try CSF in conjunction with i360.

      The lack of settings is still daunting. This is partially due to the fact that:

      1). This is a completely different approach--a paradigm shift.

      2). We may have to yet set some things (hardening) that we grew to enjoy that were set settings in our old products that were not part of our normal hardening (this was and is an installation on a server that we have hardened and review regularly for things to harden). We can't imagine slapping any security product on an un-hardened server--what about when the product has to be turned off!

      3). Some of the features of i360 are still, coming soon.