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  • Looking for free SSL Certificate


    I am using VestaCP and i want free SSL certificate for my wordpress site becuase nowadays, google is giving more importance to sites which are running on https instead for http.

    Can anyone suggest me few SSL certificate providers.

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    Hello b1303,

    I am mentioning some of the site providing free SSL certificates:
    1. Lets Encrypt
    2. SSL for Free
    3. WoSign
    4. StartCom - Free for Personal use

    You can issue certificate for any of the above given company or you can generate your own certificate. I personal use Lets Encrypt.


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      If you're looking for the service providers that offers free SSL certificate, AGM is just there to fulfil your requirement of getting that.


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        If you're looking for free SSL Certificate to make your SEO even more great, kindly view the plan here:


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          There are many CA available that offer free SSL Certificate like Comodo or RapidSSL. Comodo offers FREE SSL Certificate for 90 days as well RapidSSL provides Trial SSL for 30 days. Both are domain validated SSL with 256 bit encryption. You can upgrade from FreeSSL to RapidSSL / Comodo SSL.


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            MOST OF the hosting gives a free SSL certificate with their hosting as addition feature. but in case if you don't get any SSL and don't worry you can buy from it your hosting provider or so many platforms are available wh provide free SSL certificates. here I list all
            - Comodo
            - SSL for free
            - GO get SSL
            - GEo trust
            - Cloudfare